Kendall Community Op Shop

President's Report 2018 to 12/12/2019


It gives me pleasure to present to you the President's Report for 2019.


Firstly I would like to thank everyone for attending this evenings Annual General Meeting and showing interest in the activities of Kendall Op Shop.



Kendall Community Op Shop continues to operate successfully due to the wonderful, talented, diverse and multi skilled group of volunteers who work in all areas of the Op Shop.

Currently there are one hundred and eleven (111) on the Membership List.


Of these there are ninety (90) names on the Roster with nineteen (19) of these volunteers working more than one shift each week. Many of the volunteers have also taken on the responsibility to oversee specific areas within the shop such as jewellery, children's clothing, manchester, jigsaws and games, antique and collectible items, children's toys, gift cards and stationary, and itemised requests by customers to name only a few.


There are also members whose names are listed on the Membership list who while not actively working a rostered shift are involved in other activities such as garden maintenance, security monitoring, painting, rubbish removal and Op Shop repairs and maintenance.


A letter of appreciation and thank you was sent by Philip Higgins Secretary on behalf of the committee to all the volunteers thanking them and acknowledging their hard work and input during the year.

Community Grants Scheme.


The Op Shop is committed to raising funds by way of donations to assist local Community Based Groups and Organisations in their various endeavours and activities.

Once again money was allocated to various organisations and groups under the Grants Programme in 2019.


Breakdown of Grants Allocated.

In 2019 there were 17 applications submitted for grants with 13 applications approved.

All Grant applicants are required to fulfil specific criteria and the Committee carefully assess all applications received.

The amount of money approved and distributed to organisations totalled $92,397


Sponsorships were also allocated totalling $18,750 and Charity Grants distributed totalling $8,200

The Sponsorships and Charity Grants are decided by the volunteers. Organisations submitting applications are invited to a volunteers meeting where they discuss their organisation and volunteers have an opportunity to ask questions relating to the application.


A timetable has been set for Grant Applications for 2020. Grant Applications open on 13th January 2020 and close on the 7th February 2020.

The Presentation Evening will be on March 19, 2020.


A Full Summary of the 2019 Grants is available on the Op Shop Website.


Finance and Trading

As Allan Phelps our Treasure has previously presented in the Financial Report the financial aspect of the Op Shop has continued to grow and improve as we have continued to expand.

Tonight he has presented some outstanding daily takings which were never imagined when the Op Shop was first set up.

Thank you Allan for your continued organisation and management of the finances in such an incredibly and efficient manner.

We should also add multi-tasking to his role as he also works on the Register from time to time when required.


Activities and Development

The OP Shop and volunteers have been involved in many and varied activities and development during the past year and tonight I will discuss some of them.


The New Extension which opened in 2018 continues to be utilised to an amazing extent and to its fullest capacity.

The Rag Cutting Machine is up and working extremely well and distribution sales are steady and continuous.

The new Air-conditioning Unit purchased for the Retail Area has proved to be extremely valuable during the hotter weather both for customers and volunteers.

The Security Camera System has been updated and incidences of "visitors" making night time visits to look at donations has decreased and on occasion some "liberated' items have been paid for.

Thank you to Jaci, Col, and everyone previously involved in this important area.

The Op Shop Website and Facebook Page is continuing well and is currently maintained by Elaine and Jaci.

A visit to Camden Haven High School was attended by some committee members to look at the Schools Star's Planetarium .. an Indigenous Cultural Connection Programme which was sponsored by the Op Shop 

A Display Cabinet for Antique and Collectible Items was purchased and is really well utilised. Thank you to Allan and Barbara.

A request was made for surplus books to be sold at Kendall Markets in aid of drought affected farmers and the Op Shop was able to assist with donations of books to be sold.

The donation of a wooden seat was made to the Op Shop by Kendall Men's Shed and is now in place outside the shop and utilised well by visitors and volunteers.

Kendall National Violin Competition was attended by some Op Shop representatives and visits made to Kendall Pre School and local schools by volunteers to hear the artists play for the children. 

The Women in Service Luncheon was attended by four volunteers. 

The CWA group now hold a cake stall outside the Op Shop each month as a community activity.

Two visits were made by children from Kendall Pre-School to enable them to see the workings of the Op Shop.

Similarly a visit was also made by some students from Camden Haven High School looking at Business Skills to be utilised when developing a business.


Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety is viewed as a priority in the Op Shop. Various initiatives have been instituted including moving the Air conditioning units to a more suitable location.

A ramp has been installed at the entrance to the New Sorting Room to enable better access for trolleys and a second ramp will be installed outside Sorting Room 1.

Blinds have been installed to reduce window heat and glare in the New Sorting Room.




Operational Guidelines

Guidelines for working in both the Clothing Section and General Merchandise have been developed to assist new volunteers and existing volunteers.

Other initiatives

An Op Shop Calendar was developed by several Op Shop volunteers with Op Shop volunteers as models. This was a huge success with a second print run required.

Thank you to Jaci and all the volunteers who modelled and took part in the making of the calendar.


Recognition for the Op Shop

The Op Shop received The Premiers Award of a Community Service Award and Certificate at the Grants Night in 2019 which was presented by Leslie Williams Member of Parliament.

This was a big surprise for the Op Shop and we were delighted to receive the award on behalf of all the hard working volunteers.


In conclusion, 2019 has been both a rewarding but challenging year for the Op Shop volunteers and committee.

Rewarding because we were able to assist many different organisations and groups to fulfil their requests at the Grants Night and at other times during the past year.

Challenging because for the volunteers one of the biggest issues and challenges faced in recent times has been the huge volume of donations received.

All volunteers in whichever capacity have worked really hard to sort, cull, prepare for sale and price the very diverse range of items donated.

We continue to look at ways in which we can improve our methods of working making it easier for volunteers.







A huge thank you to all our volunteers and members for all your hard work and support during the past year.


Thank you also to everyone who donated items for sale. Without your donations we would not be able to survive and operate as such an excellent Op Shop.


Finally to all the members of the existing Committee

Phil Higgins. Allan Phelps, Sheila Ayshford, Glenda Melinz, Elaine Browning and Joan Aiken thank you for your enthusiasm, hard work and support during the last year.


Thank you


Bill Jones.