Community Engagement

Community involvement for the Kendall Op-Shop occurs on many levels and in various ways. Op-Shop volunteers live in or have close ties to the community and the Op-shop is involved with local organisations. 

A  visit by student and their teacher from the local preschool saw their interpretations of Andy Warhol paintings displayed in the shop for a short period., the children were very proud to see their creations on display.  

Volunteers and committee members attend functions at the Pre-School, such as the market day and Kendall “Live Music for Schools” performance which is sponsored by the Op-Shop. We also collaborate very actively with the Kendall Men’s Shed. Recently the Men’s Shed members constructed metal storage baskets on wheels that provide our volunteers who sort clothing with an easily managed storage facility.


Kendall Public School

This was an enjoyable concert performed by young musicians with  pianist, Jeanell Carrigan, and conducted by Goetz Ritcher.  

 Goetz explained about the instruments, music rhythm, melody, harmony and asked the children to repeat the sounds of  music notes.  One child  danced to the music.       

Herons Creek Public School

Goetz Richter and Jeanell Carrigan led a group of young string players from the Conservatorium on a musical journey designed specifically for  children.  Once again each of the instruments were introduced and played so that the students could hear them .  He had 3 groups in the audience singing different notes together.

 In 2018,  funding was provided to the Kendall Swimming Pool for a wheelchair which can be used to access the pool by the disabled.

Funding requests from these and other organisations are processed and announced on our Grants’ Night in March. The Kendall Services and Citizens Club provide a venue for our Volunteer meetings, Committee meetings, Grants’ Night and other gatherings throughout the year for which we are most grateful. The Kendall Community Op-Shop sits comfortably within our community and participates in a wide range of activities through every age group.

                                         LIVE MUSIC IN SCHOOLS 2019
Afternoon concerts at Kendall Public School and Herons Creek Public School

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