Kendall Community Op Shop was established in 1995  to raise funds to help build 

the Kendall Swimming pool.  After the pool opened in 2004, funds were

channelled into building and then extending a new shop and since 2009 profits

are returned to the community via a grants system.


The objectives of the Op Shop are to:

  • Provide and improve the facilities of the Kendall Community Op shop

  • Assist in the provision of community development projects in the area of

  • community services, sport and recreation and the arts and culture

  • Assist with the funding and implementation of major community projects

  • Provide funding for charitable purposes, such payments to be limited to 5%

  • of the annual net profit of the incorporated body in the year of payment.


The Grants system aims to assist non-profit community groups and organisations that are interested in and working toward the enhancements and well being of the residents of Kendall and district.  Each year Community groups apply for funds of up to $20,000. 

Up to 2022,  over $1,300.000 has been given out in grants..  In addition funds are directed to one-off projects and sponsorships.

During the exceptional year of 2020, the Op Shop also directed an extra total of $100,000 toward the ongoing  recovery from bushfires which severely affected the local area.

In 2022 currently, the Op Shop is directing funds to the Northern River region in the form of food and fuel vouchers to many people affected by severe flooding in the area.

  5% of annual net profits have been donated to local and overseas charities.


The shop is staffed by a team of 85 volunteers who work morning or afternoon shifts.  Two shop Co-ordinatorsoversee the coordination of shifts and the general organisation and running of the shop.  Volunteers are encouraged to use their skills and interests during their shift and many help coordinate an area of responsibility within the shop. The shop is under the management of a committee who work to ensure the effective running of the shop.


Volunteers and community members are very proud of our shop and what it has achieved both in the past and for the future.

Below is the summary of all funds allocated to

Grants, Charity Grants,  Sponsorships and One off Grants,

from 2022 back to 2009

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